Quality control for manufacturing happens after a successful Product development. In the previous article, we discussed the flow chart for developing a new product, upon successful completion of the validation test, a product enters the mass production phase. 

To ensure products are built per design spec, the following steps are usually taken.

  1. Material Procurement: During the product development, engineering shall specify raw material and its properties, size, and condition in revision-controlled documents. The buyer then sources raw materials based on the specification provided by engineering.
  2.  Material Receiving Inspection: After receiving raw material, QC shall engage to inspect and test the raw material to ensure they are meeting engineering’s specifications. These raw materials then will be stocked in inventory.
  3.  Manufacturing: usually a part will go through several manufacturing operations in different vendors, for example, welding, machine, and coating. In this case, raw materials will be sent out to each vendor to complete corresponding operations.
  4.  Inspection: Each time, after completing a manufacturing operation, the part will be inspected to make sure the vendor has completed what they are asked to do per engineering requirements.
  5.  Repeat set 3-4 until all operation has been completed.
  6.  Finished part inspection: after all manufacturing operations, the part will be sent back for a final inspection before being put back in inventory.
  7.  Assembly: Shop will create an assembly work order and pick up the finished parts from inventory and assembly them into the final products.
  8.  FAT: after fully assembling a product, the shop will complete a factory acceptance test procedure per engineering’s requirements.
  9.  Final factory Inspection: after the fully assembled product pass FAT, then a final inspection will happen to ensure the product has no defect or damage. Then it is ready for shipment.
Manufacturing & Inspection Flow Chart
Manufacturing & Inspection Flow Chart

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